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Unconsciously eat healthy and lose weight©

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Change your unconscious eating pattern in 3 lessons with video guidance.

This training is based on Mental Space Psychology and a new and effective way to change your old eating habits.

Unconsciously eat healthy and lose weight ©
Change your unconscious eating pattern in 3 lessons with video guidance

And on an unconscious level! That makes the difference, because you probably already know everything about diets, counting calories, shakes, healthy and unhealthy food. You are mainly busy with your mind to eat differently, but unconsciously you are still stuck in your old pattern. That is the reason that all those diets etc. usually only work temporarily and you often experience this as a struggle within yourself.

The problem lies in your unconsciously stored nutritional patterns, the images you have ever stored of your food are stuck in your memory.

So the solution lies in changing these unconscious images. But it is unconscious, so you don't know how to change it.
In this online training: Unconsciously eat healthy and lose weight ©, you will be helped with this.
You learn step by step with video guidance how you can change your unconscious old eating pattern.
By changing your eating pattern in your subconscious mind, you will notice that eating and drinking healthier goes without saying, you no longer have to think about it, your subconscious mind takes over for you.
Imagine how wonderful it will be to:

  • stop thinking about food all day long.
  • automatically grab something healthy if you feel like it.
  • to have much less or no need for the tasty things you are now fighting with.

You are probably trying now, especially not to think about chocolate, chips, wine or other tasty things. That is difficult, because you are always working on it and you try to suppress your unconscious desire for those tasty things. That takes energy and eventually your mind usually loses it to your feelings.

Wouldn't it be great if you just don't think about it anymore, start eating healthier and therefore lose weight!

The discovery on which this training is based is that your eating behavior is unconsciously determined by where, in your thoughts, you have given food a place (a location) in your memory. (Mental Space Psychology)

What is Mental Space Psychology? Mental Space Psychology and the Social Panorama, were developed by Dr. Lucas AC Derks, the Dutch Social Psychologist and international NLP, MSP and Social Panorama trainer.
Everything you have stored in your memory is stored three dimensionally in your unconscious mental space, (where you project your thoughts around you). When you think of something you think it somewhere. This means that you unconsciously have a location, a place, for all kinds of things, objects, emotions, memories, people, animals and therefore also for food.

Unconsciously eat healthy and lose weight © Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten | Katwijk | NL

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Wat wil je leren?

  • In the first lesson you will learn everything you need to know to change your unconscious eating pattern in lesson 3.
  • In lesson 2 you will learn something about your digestion and the influence of stress and relaxation.
  • In lesson 3 you change, step by step, with video guidance, your unconscious eating pattern.
  • Lesson 4 is aftercare, with questions and answers.
  • It works subconsciously so you don't have to think about it!
  • The unconscious is stronger than conscious thinking, no more inner struggle!
  • Step by step guidance with video!

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Introduction and preparation of the training: Unconsciously eat healthy and lose weight ©
Congratulations on purchasing the training: Unconsciously eating healthy and losing weight, change your unconscious eating pattern in 3 lessons with video guidance

  • introduction and preparation: Unconsciously Healthy Eating and Losing Weight ©

Lesson 1 Change your unconscious eating patterns
Wat leer je in les 1; Introductie Mental Space Psychology 1. Wat is Mental Space Psychology 2. Herinneringen in je mentale ruimte 3. Mensen in je mentale ruimte 4. Emoties in je mentale ruimte 5. Voeding in je Mentale ruimte

Lesson 2 Awareness of your body and your nutrition
What do you learn in lesson 2; Awareness of your body and your nutrition. 1. The nutritional list 2. Change your diet in various ways 3. The digestive system 4. Stress and relaxation 5. Eat leisurely 6. Conscious eating and tips

Lesson 3 Becoming aware and changing your unconsciously stored food.
What do you learn in lesson 3; 1. Preparing for the change in your diet 2. The general rules of mental space psychology 3. Change your diet in your mental space with video guidance 4. The text of the exercises

Lesson 4 Aftercare, questions and solutions
What will you learn in lesson 4; 1. What can you do if you are unable to move a product further away from you or if it comes back after you have put it far away? 2. What can you do if you still want to eat unhealthy food? 3. Emotions arise when you want to put a product far away, what now? 4. What can you do if you are unable to resolve the above situations yourself?

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